:-Twenty Random Facts-:

1. I am a curious student that is unsure of my future, hopefully it will be somewhere beautiful and in the tourism or event planning field.
2. In that beautiful place I would like to be a writer, not necessarily and well-known writer, although my heart beats faster when I think of millions loving my work. I want to write a particular novel series. That has been my biggest dream in life so far.
3. I don’t know a lot about politics and honestly it frightens me. Some may call me ignorant but I would rather ignore the news and presidential campaigns because I find no truth in them. Hopefully my future husband will be semi-interested in those events so he can inform me of what the heck is going on in this country.
4. I believe with all my heart that we are souls with a body, not just and brain with skin and bone and no meaning.
5. I am very interested in people and the way we all connect. Figuring people out is one of my life’s endless chases. This is why I am so interested in astrological signs. Though most people laugh at these, I really find truth and patterns in people’s behavior according to each zodiac personality. So I love reading them and how I relate to each of them. BTW I am on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp.
6. The Tennessee Smokey Mountains are my second home. Serene and a great place to make music and other creative things.
7. I love my family. It is not the most spotless group of people and it isn’t even whole but whether I see them everyday or once in a few years I love them, cherish them and learn from them. You want to see me lose my shit, mess with someone I love. You wont get very far.
8. This goes for friends as well, I don’t have a ton of close friends, a lot of friendly acquaintances but not close friends. I guess I am kind or particular about who I trust.
9. I have been in the same relationship for 4 years. Not married yet, just doing our thing.
10. I am SUCH a romantic, love all the sweet gestures. Flowers, poems, letters, (wink wink)
11. Series are the best things. TV shows and novels. They are so engrossing provide hours of procrastination entertainment 🙂
12. Smelly things like scented candles and body spray make everyday brighter. I could literally spend hours in Yankee Candle, Bath and Body works and Victoria’s Secret just choosing the scent I want for that month. It is important to create the right atmosphere at home. Plus I love when people tell me how good I smell. Some of my faves: Soft Blanket from Yankee, Amber Romance for VS, pretty much anything with Shea or the wood-cabin smell.
13. I have a secret craving for fantasies and myths. Anything imaginary and outlandish.
14. Music is a big part of my life and my sanity. It is so therapeutic for me. I grew up singing around the campfire with my dad. I used to be in musicals in high school, it was one of the best times in my life. I never played any big roles, too shy, but I loved to be in the cast dancing and singing along with my friends. I also used to sing acoustic covers with my brothers at a local coffee shop before it closed. Good times.
15. I’m kind of a Kit Kat and Netflix junkie. Especially when combined.
16. I em ah whorable schpellar
17. I know the names of all my future children. Haha. Someday.
18. I also have this thing for old abandoned places like buildings, houses and city loft apartments. It started when I was in high school working for the law firm but that’s a story for another time. They are so historic, nostalgic, and magical as if I am peeking into another person’s life or perspective. I love collecting things from them like old letters, books or cds lying amidst the remnants of someone’s past. I have a very interesting stash from places I’ve visited.
19. I ❤ mixed drinks + good friends+ dancing
20. I believe good conversation could truly change a life, or at least the outlook of the day.

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