:-To Win My Heart-:

If I could go back and give myself a word of advice it would include something like this. I would stress the importance of knowing what you want in a guy. It gives you the ability to hold yourself accountable. Plus finding someone with the qualities you are looking for is such a satisfying feeling! Have fun with this one and be true to your heart.
Husband Material
– All the obvious things like drivers license, no criminal past, hasn’t slept around too much, can’t be more that 5 years older than me and 2 years younger
– Humble but confidant in his abilities
– Passionate and affectionate
– Is respectful, is the bigger man even if that person doesn’t deserve it
– Never stops trying to charm me
– Spiritual, must actively seek God
– Creative in love, fun and spontaneous
– Is classy but not too good to goof off or get a little dirty
– Friendly to everyone even when peeved
– Thoughtful enough to be spontaneous and plan things without my advice
– Honest. Sticks to his word.
– Doesn’t promote or boast about himself and doesn’t embellish stories
– Has a 5 year plan
– Must have a clean and professional appearance
– Driven and hardworking
– Loyal, beyond all things
– Must be mostly conservative
– Must be an active listener and a great conversationalist
– Loves my family
– Is protective of me and my feelings. Will stand up for me and care for me when I am hurt/upset
– Knows how to defend himself and protect me should we get in trouble
– Knows how to manage money
– Reads the fine, print and is detail oriented because I am not at all
– Knows how to make me smile and feel better
– Drug free and knows his limits when it comes to drinking
– Doesn’t mind babysitting me when I drink too much haha
– Active healthy lifestyle
– Gentle and Articulate
– Not afraid to share his feelings
– Thinks I am funny and cute
– Knows when to tell me I am beautiful
– Frequently sweeps me off my feet in a romantic or sexy gesture
– Someone I can have fun with without trying
– Will kill all the scary bugs in our house
– Loves to travel and learn new things
– Reads often
– Cooks delicious meals
– Can pick me up
– Buys tampons and Kit Kats for me
– Doesn’t mind my messy habits

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