Lovely Sunday: Finding Peace

Something I have struggled with lately is giving up the things that weigh me down. I hold on to these things or people or grudges or bad habits until I find myself wondering why I am so unhappy. I need resolve. I am making a change, which has proved to be very difficult for me over the years as I have a hard time letting go, stepping down, saying goodbye. I have found strength and peace this week through a few lovely pieces of life.


I am not the cleaning or organizing type whatsoever. In fact, looking around in my office I am surrounded by mounds of tissue paper, glues guns out on the table, nail polish from last night failed attempt at a manicure and empty water bottles waiting to be recycled. It is common sense to most people but not really to me that cleaning can be quite rejuvenating and coming into a tidy space can bring comfort and peace. Well I was struck by this notion yesterday and completely organized my bedroom and bathroom, you gotta start somewhere, then added a few new pieces like a new shower curtain and jewelry holder to get a new vibe out of the space. It was a simple and inexpensive way to revamp those rooms and relax myself.

Being Thankful

So recently I have been diving into the religious scene and by this I mean dipping my toes into the shallow end by gradually attending the christian life-groups offered on campus and having light conversations with friends about faithful topics. I am not trying to scare anyone off here, so if religion or Christianity isn’t your thing bare with me here. In my searchings I have become more aware of my blessings and of my health and happiness. I know that life could be much harder and it is important to be thankful for what you do have and wait in peace rather than worry about what you don’t have and dwell in anxiety. Thankful


This is just the best thing ever. I think I could eat it everyday in any mood at any location. If you haven’t tasted this you are depriving your taste buds! Not sure what it has to do with peace but hey, you can’t win em all.

Nutella nutella nutella


Never forget the little things.




The Woodsy Apartment: Kitchen

Here are some seriously cute ways to create that woodland feel in your kitchen for fall and winter. I am in love with this style (the bowls are the cutest things ever!)

Screen Printed Organic Cotton Rabbit Flour Sack Tea Towel - Eco Friendly Kitchen Towel - Easter Bunny

Lovely Sunday: Recovering

SO this week I haven’t posted anything. Not that I’m lazy, because I can be, but because I have been stuck on my couch all week sick with some kind of stomach bug, missing all my classes and two exams and plunging me into a hazing sort of depression. It was ugly. That being said I think I would like to take this moment to appreciate some of the things that have helped me recover.



Take your vitamins people. It is something easily forgotten in the bumble of everyday life, at least for me. My mom has always been a big vitamin pusher in our house but I never really saw the significance until this past week. They made such a difference in my recuperation stage. I have been popping Juice Plus gummy vitamins (servings of fruit and veggies), vitamin C, B, and St. Johns Wort to improve my mood. I guess momma is always right.



One of the best ways for me to feel better is talking to someone I love, being reassured and cared for. My friend, bless my sweet friend, came over to take care of me in my time of need which made a world of difference in my mood. While coloring and watching Tangled was great, I still live about 2 hours from my family and My Airman will be living across the country for another 2 months. My Airman has been one of my biggest supporters in life, he nurturers my dreams and loves me unconditionally. So naturally I long to see him. Thank goodness for Skype. It is that instant gratification that you just need sometimes.  Seeing his face smiling at me warmed my heart from thousands of miles away.

Whenever we Skype, I forget that we are so far apart :)



Fall Walks

If any of you have suffered with depression you know how hard it is to do things, both things that you need to do and want to do. You also know that it is not something conquered in a few days time. I read an article recently when I was searching for help that actually made sense to me, spoke to me. Here it is if anyone is interested Beating Depression. In this article the thing that stood out to me most was accomplishing small victories like doing the dishes or going on a walk, things that can help us feel more relaxed and accomplished. I took this to heart and it has made all the difference. One of my small victories was getting out of the house, getting some fresh air, after all, my favorite season is Fall. I decided to take a walk around town. Just moving and feeling the air on my face made me perk up but then seeing the beauty of the leaves and old houses and train tracks just made me appreciate the day I was given.


Never forget the little things

Lovely Sunday: Being Home

To me, at least for now, home is at my mom’s house.  I have been on Fall Break for the last few days and have been experiencing all the pleasantries of being back with my family. Here are few pieces of loveliness from my days at home:

Homemade House Smell-good Stuff

Or as I have been calling it “witch’s brew”. It’s all over Pinterest right now. All I can say is this is a great way to give your place a homey scent, especially around the upcoming holidays! I tweaked the recipes I found online a tad to make it my own. It filled the house quickly and lasted.

4 oranges’ peels
6 dashes or cinnamon
A cap full of apple juice and cranberry juice
boil then let simmer
boil orange peels
My dog
One of the best feelings after my 2 hour drive is seeing my dog leaping up in the window trying to get to me because it’s been so long since I have been able to love on him. He is the sweetest thing. He can’t get enough of my attention and stays by my side until it’s time to leave again.
Since I have been home I have baking all kinds of things and making meals every night. This is so out of character for me {I usually burn whatever I put on the stove} But I have had a string of luck {or competence} lately and it has become a source of stress relief for me and it gives me a chance to serve people, which is something that brings me such joy. I love hearing the compliments of people enjoying my creations. I think my sudden urge to bake is a result of not having all the spices and ingredients that my mom does in her kitchen, seizing the culinary moment while I am still at home. I just made roasted pumpkin seeds fresh from the oven!
Never forget the little things

The Woodsy Apartment: Living Room

One day I will have a woodland inspired space! I just love the cozy yet enchanting style it conveys. Here are a few living room ideas to go with this theme.



Spring Birds and Branches Wall Art Print Set Green Seafoam Pastel Modern Woodland Home Decor

Wall art

Bamboo Owl Coasters: Wood Coasters Woodland Decor (Set of 4)


Plush Bear Pillow in Coral. Woodblock Printed. Customizable Colors.Plush Fox Pillow in Yellow. Woodblock Printed. Customizable Colors. Made to Order.Plush Deer Pillow in Grey. Hand Woodblock Printed. Customizable Colors. Made to Order.

:-If I Had a Superpower-:

So… one of the best movies came out recently, it’s called The Avengers. Maybe you’ve heard of it? On the wake of this popular comic series I have been thinking about what I’d like my own supernatural power would be. Although Thor and Captain America make super strength look bad ass, I don’t think I could pull it off the same. Here are a few off the top of my noggin:

*Note: These does not include magic, that is a whole different realm!*

Healing Tears: I have to resort to Disney’s version of Repunzel for this one. If I was able to I would choose a more meaningful power like being able to heal people. The hair is just too much to handle (My neck would be as thick as Gaston’s) but the tears are much more manageable. The downside would be that I would constantly be crying but I think it’s a fair trade to be able to save lives without any medical training. I cry too much anyway, might as well put those tears to work!

Shape-shifting: Yes! Mystique! What a fantastic character. This power would be pretty great for obvious reasons. Being able to be anyone, to get in any building and practically get any information I want. But I would have to work out like nobody’s business to get Rebecca Romijn’s slamming body.

Super speed: I could sleep in for hours if all I had to rely on was my own speediness to get to class and not the slug shuttle that runs through town. Plus I could run to see my Airman wherever he was stationed, oh and get the dishes done in a flash!

Overrated Superpowers

Telekinesis: People, are we not lazy enough already? Can you imagine what it would be like if we never had to get up off the couch to put that pizza in the oven or walk to the library to check out those guilty pleasure novels? We would turn to lard. Yet here I am on my rump typing away for hours. Maybe the internet is a for of telekinesis…

Time control: You are just asking to be responsible for a colossal screw up and possibly the demise of humanity. Think about every movie that involves time travel. For goodness sake it’s even in Sponge Bob.

Mind-reading: I think most people would choose something like mind reading but honestly I don’t care to have a power where I can hear everyone’s dirty secrets and criticisms and lust, besides I have enough of my own thoughts to keep me occupied. I would get so distracted with the sounds and knowledge of people that I wouldn’t get anything productive done.

:-My Favorite Quotes-:

I have never found more truth in anything than in this quote here. It perfectly describes what’s in my mind most of the time, my struggles too and clears the misconceptions about my personality. It’s like someone reached into my life and derived these words. Because I can be quite charming and outgoing when I have had time to study people and think about things, and then again I can sometimes be the most awkward person in the room {or at least it seems that way}.

Never found anything with more truth than this right here


Liz Taylor, a fellow Pisces with so much wisdom. This quote alone is enough to make me feel better after a long day but her instructions are just so spot on. Sometimes they are exactly what I need to figure things out.

Liz Taylor quote


This quote has stuck with me since my high school english paper on Hans Christian Anderson, a wonderfully inventive man. These words say to me that we must seek out happiness no matter where we are and never be afraid to let it radiate on to others. Plus I love flowers, without them life would truly be sad.

This is one of my favorite Hans Christian Andersen quotes.


A brilliant quote for the disheartened. Mind over matter. I have a hard time believing in myself and when I see this I know it is all in my head and up to me to turn it around.

-henry ford jaxhix


Finally, a quote that has followed me for a lifetime. From the book of John this verse speaks to my soul. I wont say anymore because the words say it all.

Do not be surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you.We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. Anyone who does not love remains in death. 1 John 3:13-14

Let’s Get Cozy : Apartment Living Rooms

Okay so now that we are officially into Fall I think it is the perfect time cuddle and get cozy because it is about to get cold. One of the most important things to me throughout all the seasons is that my place is comfortable according to the conditions. So I found some really comfy apartment living  ideas to try for the upcoming months.

With clean hardwood floor and ample light it is easy to get comfortable in a room like this. But what really make this room pleasing is the unique wall art, wicker and fur accents, and the plush pillows. The accent colored wall also does a great job of setting the room up.

cozy apartment interior design 1


This room has a lot of personal touches, which is exactly what we are looking for in order to feel at home. The wall of books brings the room in and is a reader’s paradise. The bold curtain brings the room alive with color. The vase of flowers and the tea pot are lovely accessories.

Love this library/living room.


The muted tones in this room have a calming affect and the shag carpet looks like it would be heaven between my toes. The rustic wooden accents work wonderfully in the natural light. And the ottoman look perfect for kickin back.

Comfy Barcelona Apartment


This room screams “cozy” to me. The walls are a soothing neutral and the couch is a clean, fluffy white. The curtains style the room with their pattern and the wall art is perfectly arranged. The lamps add a homey glow.

comfy living room


This room has a lot of personal style to is. The wall is covered in art and pictures that go with the room perfectly. The dramaticly dark couch is very cozy looking against the patterned pillows and rug. The wooden rolling coffee table is the perfect extra touch.

Comfy Living Room



Rolling with the themes of the above photos {books, wood, framed art},  I have made a collective list of what make these rooms so inviting and cozy. This is a piece-by-piece guide to building a cozy living room! Each ingredient adds something to the room, in this case they all add an air of comfort and style.

Colorful Pillows

Big accent pillows

Clift Glass Table Lamp Base - Espresso #potterybarn; I love this lamp it's feels so warm!

Warm lighting

Orange rug! #rug

Textured or patterned rug

Strong curtains

Rustic Wooden Accent Table: End Tables L.L.Bean

Wooden accent table

Chunky knitted blanket

soft knitted blanket

Book display



Creative Revamp

Painted coffee table

Woven organizers


Floral arrangement or plant

Assorted and arranged wall art

Personal touches

Items of personal style and meaning are so important to the comfort of your home. Surround yourself with the things that inspire you and  remind of pleasant memories.

Elephant Bank

Elephant piggy bank

Wicked Drip Candle

Chunky candles



Fleur dy Lys Glossy Black Wall Hooks, Wall hangers, Set of 2, French Country, Paris Apartment Decor

Coat hangers

Pink Chevron Wood Picture Frame

Handmade frame

Hope you enjoyed and have a cozy fall!

:-My Dream Life-:

In my ideal life I am a carefree author, artist, philanthropist, friend, lover etc. I live in in two places.

The first is place is a coastal cottage on the east coast with lots of soothing colors and unique vintage accents. This is the my space for writing, it has a home office with a big scenic window, the kind with white flowing curtains. I have an assistant, Amelia, she organizes my home office so when I go to work there it looks simple and clean and ready for me to wreak havoc. She is very helpful and schedules all my meetings and edits my work and gives me advice…oh and brings me hot tea when I have am struggling. When I need a break I bike or stroll into town with the cobblestone walkways and open storefront doors. I take my time looking through each store and watching the tides wash the sand from the windows. I know most of the locals by name and meet new people over a cupcake at the bakery. My family and friends don’t live too far away so I get to take them to the beach on a regular occasion. I am on the counsel of party planning for the town and we throw one just about every week, its a friendly little town. My back yard is about three hundred meters from the shore and it is adorned in glowing string lights and blooming peony bushes. I have a cute little deck equipped with table and chairs, a grill and a fire pit.

My second home is in the mountains. The Smokey Mountains of Tennessee that is. It is a log cabin decorated in cozy warm colors and comfy furniture instead of the usual black bear theme. I have a closet office there but just for temporary works, Amelia will have this time off to visit her family in New Mexico. There is a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom and a hot tub on the deck that hangs over the mountainside. If you haven’t guessed yet, this place is all about relaxation. I also have a window room on the second flow above the deck for gazing at the scenic mountains and journaling…and even sometimes exercising {go me!}. Drive my CRV through the trails and down into town, I have my choice of small town or cities like Gatlinburg or Knoxville. If I am in a calm, nature-loving mood I will choose the small town and If I am feeling bored I will hit the city with some friends. What’s great is that there is so much to do in either place. I regularly visit the national park and the tube in the river and take amateur pictures of wildlife. One of the best things to to in this place is make music up in the cabin where no one but the trees and raccoons can hear. It is quite a soothing get-away.

I don’t include a husband because I am not married in real life but I guess one of my dreams is to get hitched so yes, I would have a caring husband with genuine qualities {see the husband list}. He is the traveling kind like me and we spend our days together between work and social gatherings trying to build our bond and enjoy our lives together. In our spare time we volunteer at the soup kitchen and send packages to soldiers. We also make music together and laugh at ourselves. We talk about having kids but for the time being we are focused on having fun and experiencing love and life. Oh yes and I can’t forget our dog, Emmy, our faithful companion.

There you have it, kids. If only if only.