:-My Dream Life-:

In my ideal life I am a carefree author, artist, philanthropist, friend, lover etc. I live in in two places.

The first is place is a coastal cottage on the east coast with lots of soothing colors and unique vintage accents. This is the my space for writing, it has a home office with a big scenic window, the kind with white flowing curtains. I have an assistant, Amelia, she organizes my home office so when I go to work there it looks simple and clean and ready for me to wreak havoc. She is very helpful and schedules all my meetings and edits my work and gives me advice…oh and brings me hot tea when I have am struggling. When I need a break I bike or stroll into town with the cobblestone walkways and open storefront doors. I take my time looking through each store and watching the tides wash the sand from the windows. I know most of the locals by name and meet new people over a cupcake at the bakery. My family and friends don’t live too far away so I get to take them to the beach on a regular occasion. I am on the counsel of party planning for the town and we throw one just about every week, its a friendly little town. My back yard is about three hundred meters from the shore and it is adorned in glowing string lights and blooming peony bushes. I have a cute little deck equipped with table and chairs, a grill and a fire pit.

My second home is in the mountains. The Smokey Mountains of Tennessee that is. It is a log cabin decorated in cozy warm colors and comfy furniture instead of the usual black bear theme. I have a closet office there but just for temporary works, Amelia will have this time off to visit her family in New Mexico. There is a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom and a hot tub on the deck that hangs over the mountainside. If you haven’t guessed yet, this place is all about relaxation. I also have a window room on the second flow above the deck for gazing at the scenic mountains and journaling…and even sometimes exercising {go me!}. Drive my CRV through the trails and down into town, I have my choice of small town or cities like Gatlinburg or Knoxville. If I am in a calm, nature-loving mood I will choose the small town and If I am feeling bored I will hit the city with some friends. What’s great is that there is so much to do in either place. I regularly visit the national park and the tube in the river and take amateur pictures of wildlife. One of the best things to to in this place is make music up in the cabin where no one but the trees and raccoons can hear. It is quite a soothing get-away.

I don’t include a husband because I am not married in real life but I guess one of my dreams is to get hitched so yes, I would have a caring husband with genuine qualities {see the husband list}. He is the traveling kind like me and we spend our days together between work and social gatherings trying to build our bond and enjoy our lives together. In our spare time we volunteer at the soup kitchen and send packages to soldiers. We also make music together and laugh at ourselves. We talk about having kids but for the time being we are focused on having fun and experiencing love and life. Oh yes and I can’t forget our dog, Emmy, our faithful companion.

There you have it, kids. If only if only.



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