:-If I Had a Superpower-:

So… one of the best movies came out recently, it’s called The Avengers. Maybe you’ve heard of it? On the wake of this popular comic series I have been thinking about what I’d like my own supernatural power would be. Although Thor and Captain America make super strength look bad ass, I don’t think I could pull it off the same. Here are a few off the top of my noggin:

*Note: These does not include magic, that is a whole different realm!*

Healing Tears: I have to resort to Disney’s version of Repunzel for this one. If I was able to I would choose a more meaningful power like being able to heal people. The hair is just too much to handle (My neck would be as thick as Gaston’s) but the tears are much more manageable. The downside would be that I would constantly be crying but I think it’s a fair trade to be able to save lives without any medical training. I cry too much anyway, might as well put those tears to work!

Shape-shifting: Yes! Mystique! What a fantastic character. This power would be pretty great for obvious reasons. Being able to be anyone, to get in any building and practically get any information I want. But I would have to work out like nobody’s business to get Rebecca Romijn’s slamming body.

Super speed: I could sleep in for hours if all I had to rely on was my own speediness to get to class and not the slug shuttle that runs through town. Plus I could run to see my Airman wherever he was stationed, oh and get the dishes done in a flash!

Overrated Superpowers

Telekinesis: People, are we not lazy enough already? Can you imagine what it would be like if we never had to get up off the couch to put that pizza in the oven or walk to the library to check out those guilty pleasure novels? We would turn to lard. Yet here I am on my rump typing away for hours. Maybe the internet is a for of telekinesis…

Time control: You are just asking to be responsible for a colossal screw up and possibly the demise of humanity. Think about every movie that involves time travel. For goodness sake it’s even in Sponge Bob.

Mind-reading: I think most people would choose something like mind reading but honestly I don’t care to have a power where I can hear everyone’s dirty secrets and criticisms and lust, besides I have enough of my own thoughts to keep me occupied. I would get so distracted with the sounds and knowledge of people that I wouldn’t get anything productive done.


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