Lovely Sunday: Recovering

SO this week I haven’t posted anything. Not that I’m lazy, because I can be, but because I have been stuck on my couch all week sick with some kind of stomach bug, missing all my classes and two exams and plunging me into a hazing sort of depression. It was ugly. That being said I think I would like to take this moment to appreciate some of the things that have helped me recover.



Take your vitamins people. It is something easily forgotten in the bumble of everyday life, at least for me. My mom has always been a big vitamin pusher in our house but I never really saw the significance until this past week. They made such a difference in my recuperation stage. I have been popping Juice Plus gummy vitamins (servings of fruit and veggies), vitamin C, B, and St. Johns Wort to improve my mood. I guess momma is always right.



One of the best ways for me to feel better is talking to someone I love, being reassured and cared for. My friend, bless my sweet friend, came over to take care of me in my time of need which made a world of difference in my mood. While coloring and watching Tangled was great, I still live about 2 hours from my family and My Airman will be living across the country for another 2 months. My Airman has been one of my biggest supporters in life, he nurturers my dreams and loves me unconditionally. So naturally I long to see him. Thank goodness for Skype. It is that instant gratification that you just need sometimes.  Seeing his face smiling at me warmed my heart from thousands of miles away.

Whenever we Skype, I forget that we are so far apart :)



Fall Walks

If any of you have suffered with depression you know how hard it is to do things, both things that you need to do and want to do. You also know that it is not something conquered in a few days time. I read an article recently when I was searching for help that actually made sense to me, spoke to me. Here it is if anyone is interested Beating Depression. In this article the thing that stood out to me most was accomplishing small victories like doing the dishes or going on a walk, things that can help us feel more relaxed and accomplished. I took this to heart and it has made all the difference. One of my small victories was getting out of the house, getting some fresh air, after all, my favorite season is Fall. I decided to take a walk around town. Just moving and feeling the air on my face made me perk up but then seeing the beauty of the leaves and old houses and train tracks just made me appreciate the day I was given.


Never forget the little things


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