Lovely Sunday: Finding Peace

Something I have struggled with lately is giving up the things that weigh me down. I hold on to these things or people or grudges or bad habits until I find myself wondering why I am so unhappy. I need resolve. I am making a change, which has proved to be very difficult for me over the years as I have a hard time letting go, stepping down, saying goodbye. I have found strength and peace this week through a few lovely pieces of life.


I am not the cleaning or organizing type whatsoever. In fact, looking around in my office I am surrounded by mounds of tissue paper, glues guns out on the table, nail polish from last night failed attempt at a manicure and empty water bottles waiting to be recycled. It is common sense to most people but not really to me that cleaning can be quite rejuvenating and coming into a tidy space can bring comfort and peace. Well I was struck by this notion yesterday and completely organized my bedroom and bathroom, you gotta start somewhere, then added a few new pieces like a new shower curtain and jewelry holder to get a new vibe out of the space. It was a simple and inexpensive way to revamp those rooms and relax myself.

Being Thankful

So recently I have been diving into the religious scene and by this I mean dipping my toes into the shallow end by gradually attending the christian life-groups offered on campus and having light conversations with friends about faithful topics. I am not trying to scare anyone off here, so if religion or Christianity isn’t your thing bare with me here. In my searchings I have become more aware of my blessings and of my health and happiness. I know that life could be much harder and it is important to be thankful for what you do have and wait in peace rather than worry about what you don’t have and dwell in anxiety. Thankful


This is just the best thing ever. I think I could eat it everyday in any mood at any location. If you haven’t tasted this you are depriving your taste buds! Not sure what it has to do with peace but hey, you can’t win em all.

Nutella nutella nutella


Never forget the little things.




Lovely Sunday: Being Home

To me, at least for now, home is at my mom’s house.  I have been on Fall Break for the last few days and have been experiencing all the pleasantries of being back with my family. Here are few pieces of loveliness from my days at home:

Homemade House Smell-good Stuff

Or as I have been calling it “witch’s brew”. It’s all over Pinterest right now. All I can say is this is a great way to give your place a homey scent, especially around the upcoming holidays! I tweaked the recipes I found online a tad to make it my own. It filled the house quickly and lasted.

4 oranges’ peels
6 dashes or cinnamon
A cap full of apple juice and cranberry juice
boil then let simmer
boil orange peels
My dog
One of the best feelings after my 2 hour drive is seeing my dog leaping up in the window trying to get to me because it’s been so long since I have been able to love on him. He is the sweetest thing. He can’t get enough of my attention and stays by my side until it’s time to leave again.
Since I have been home I have baking all kinds of things and making meals every night. This is so out of character for me {I usually burn whatever I put on the stove} But I have had a string of luck {or competence} lately and it has become a source of stress relief for me and it gives me a chance to serve people, which is something that brings me such joy. I love hearing the compliments of people enjoying my creations. I think my sudden urge to bake is a result of not having all the spices and ingredients that my mom does in her kitchen, seizing the culinary moment while I am still at home. I just made roasted pumpkin seeds fresh from the oven!
Never forget the little things

Lovely Sunday : Summer Vacation Has Come to a Close

Summer is over with and the call of Autumn sounds so sweet. I wrote this post a few months ago though, about the few lovely things that I experienced this summer. I was looking back last night on the past few months and I am glad I wrote this when I did because if not I would have forgot the pieces of happiness I gathered in from such an awful time in my life. So for my first Lovely Sunday post here are my summer dreams.


Place: Oklahoma Wildflowers
Last month my boyfriend and I took a road trip to Texoma and Colorado. We pulled an all-night driveathon, something that was awesome to begin with and nauseating by 6 am (16hrs) from Ohio to Burkburnett, TX where some of our family live. We cranked up the mix CDs we made and sang our hearts out all night just to stay awake. We got to see St. Louis glowing and flashing and reflecting off the Mississippi River at about 2am. The drive took an ugly turn as the sun came up but we pushed through and when we finally got to Oklahoma I saw something I didn’t expect to be so affected by. Wildflowers. They were blooming along the side of the road amid burnt red dirt. Bright oranges and yellows and blues. This simple pleasure of watching them as we drove by was intoxicating. And every time we passed them on our vacation, my day brightened. No wonder people are so darn friendly in the south!
Space : Bookstore Showcase
When I first saw this I didn’t realize it was a part of a bookstore. I thought it was some wonderful person’s reading nook. Someday I will renovate a closet and put a cozy little getaway right in my house! I love all the wood panels, reminds me of being in secluded cabin, which is also something I hope to have someday! A lovely idea.
Taste: Angel Food Cake
Angel food cake must be more of a summer time food because I have had it at just about every get-together I have been to since may. It seems silly but it has really grown on me. Light and fluffy and sweet. Under icing, strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate… {drool} its deliciously lovely. The best part is that it is usually served with fruit which reduces the why-did-I-have-four-pieces guilt factor.
Never forget the little things