Lovely Sunday: Being Home

To me, at least for now, home is at my mom’s house.  I have been on Fall Break for the last few days and have been experiencing all the pleasantries of being back with my family. Here are few pieces of loveliness from my days at home:

Homemade House Smell-good Stuff

Or as I have been calling it “witch’s brew”. It’s all over Pinterest right now. All I can say is this is a great way to give your place a homey scent, especially around the upcoming holidays! I tweaked the recipes I found online a tad to make it my own. It filled the house quickly and lasted.

4 oranges’ peels
6 dashes or cinnamon
A cap full of apple juice and cranberry juice
boil then let simmer
boil orange peels
My dog
One of the best feelings after my 2 hour drive is seeing my dog leaping up in the window trying to get to me because it’s been so long since I have been able to love on him. He is the sweetest thing. He can’t get enough of my attention and stays by my side until it’s time to leave again.
Since I have been home I have baking all kinds of things and making meals every night. This is so out of character for me {I usually burn whatever I put on the stove} But I have had a string of luck {or competence} lately and it has become a source of stress relief for me and it gives me a chance to serve people, which is something that brings me such joy. I love hearing the compliments of people enjoying my creations. I think my sudden urge to bake is a result of not having all the spices and ingredients that my mom does in her kitchen, seizing the culinary moment while I am still at home. I just made roasted pumpkin seeds fresh from the oven!
Never forget the little things