Let’s Get Cozy : Apartment Living Rooms

Okay so now that we are officially into Fall I think it is the perfect time cuddle and get cozy because it is about to get cold. One of the most important things to me throughout all the seasons is that my place is comfortable according to the conditions. So I found some really comfy apartment living  ideas to try for the upcoming months.

With clean hardwood floor and ample light it is easy to get comfortable in a room like this. But what really make this room pleasing is the unique wall art, wicker and fur accents, and the plush pillows. The accent colored wall also does a great job of setting the room up.

cozy apartment interior design 1


This room has a lot of personal touches, which is exactly what we are looking for in order to feel at home. The wall of books brings the room in and is a reader’s paradise. The bold curtain brings the room alive with color. The vase of flowers and the tea pot are lovely accessories.

Love this library/living room.


The muted tones in this room have a calming affect and the shag carpet looks like it would be heaven between my toes. The rustic wooden accents work wonderfully in the natural light. And the ottoman look perfect for kickin back.

Comfy Barcelona Apartment


This room screams “cozy” to me. The walls are a soothing neutral and the couch is a clean, fluffy white. The curtains style the room with their pattern and the wall art is perfectly arranged. The lamps add a homey glow.

comfy living room


This room has a lot of personal style to is. The wall is covered in art and pictures that go with the room perfectly. The dramaticly dark couch is very cozy looking against the patterned pillows and rug. The wooden rolling coffee table is the perfect extra touch.

Comfy Living Room



Rolling with the themes of the above photos {books, wood, framed art},  I have made a collective list of what make these rooms so inviting and cozy. This is a piece-by-piece guide to building a cozy living room! Each ingredient adds something to the room, in this case they all add an air of comfort and style.

Colorful Pillows

Big accent pillows

Clift Glass Table Lamp Base - Espresso #potterybarn; I love this lamp it's feels so warm!

Warm lighting

Orange rug! #rug

Textured or patterned rug

Strong curtains

Rustic Wooden Accent Table: End Tables L.L.Bean

Wooden accent table

Chunky knitted blanket

soft knitted blanket

Book display



Creative Revamp

Painted coffee table

Woven organizers


Floral arrangement or plant

Assorted and arranged wall art

Personal touches

Items of personal style and meaning are so important to the comfort of your home. Surround yourself with the things that inspire you and  remind of pleasant memories.

Elephant Bank

Elephant piggy bank

Wicked Drip Candle

Chunky candles



Fleur dy Lys Glossy Black Wall Hooks, Wall hangers, Set of 2, French Country, Paris Apartment Decor

Coat hangers

Pink Chevron Wood Picture Frame

Handmade frame

Hope you enjoyed and have a cozy fall!