Lovely Sunday : Summer Vacation Has Come to a Close

Summer is over with and the call of Autumn sounds so sweet. I wrote this post a few months ago though, about the few lovely things that I experienced this summer. I was looking back last night on the past few months and I am glad I wrote this when I did because if not I would have forgot the pieces of happiness I gathered in from such an awful time in my life. So for my first Lovely Sunday post here are my summer dreams.


Place: Oklahoma Wildflowers
Last month my boyfriend and I took a road trip to Texoma and Colorado. We pulled an all-night driveathon, something that was awesome to begin with and nauseating by 6 am (16hrs) from Ohio to Burkburnett, TX where some of our family live. We cranked up the mix CDs we made and sang our hearts out all night just to stay awake. We got to see St. Louis glowing and flashing and reflecting off the Mississippi River at about 2am. The drive took an ugly turn as the sun came up but we pushed through and when we finally got to Oklahoma I saw something I didn’t expect to be so affected by. Wildflowers. They were blooming along the side of the road amid burnt red dirt. Bright oranges and yellows and blues. This simple pleasure of watching them as we drove by was intoxicating. And every time we passed them on our vacation, my day brightened. No wonder people are so darn friendly in the south!
Space : Bookstore Showcase
When I first saw this I didn’t realize it was a part of a bookstore. I thought it was some wonderful person’s reading nook. Someday I will renovate a closet and put a cozy little getaway right in my house! I love all the wood panels, reminds me of being in secluded cabin, which is also something I hope to have someday! A lovely idea.
Taste: Angel Food Cake
Angel food cake must be more of a summer time food because I have had it at just about every get-together I have been to since may. It seems silly but it has really grown on me. Light and fluffy and sweet. Under icing, strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate… {drool} its deliciously lovely. The best part is that it is usually served with fruit which reduces the why-did-I-have-four-pieces guilt factor.
Never forget the little things